Employment & Labour



We routinely advise clients on labour matters and various aspects of Thai labour laws. We provide legal opinion on work rules and regulations in order to ensure their compliance with Thai labour laws. We also have many years of experience in litigating labour cases, representing either the employer or employee. We have extensive experience in all aspects of Labour& Employment Law, from claims in the labour court and employment law disputes, to drafting employment contracts and dealing with dismissal issues. Our experience and expertise is multifarious, including:


  • Employment advice: we provide strategic advice pertaining to employment agreements, work rules and regulations, benefit plans, wage and hour disputes, worker’s compensation, labour protection, conditions of employment, executive compensation, social security, provident funds and safety issues.
  • Situations arising from mergers and acquisitions and restructuring.
  • Conflicts within the workplace, such as labour demands and strikes.
  • Employment and Labour Litigation: termination of employment claims, sexual harassment claims and enforcement of restrictive covenants related to competition and trade secrets.
  • Provision of advice in connection with the Social Security Act B.E. 2533/A.D. 1990, the Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541/A.D. 1998, the Provident Fund Act B.E. 2530/A.D. 1987, the Labour Relations Act B.E. 2518/A.D. 1975, the Civil and Commercial Code B.E. 2468/A.D. 1925 pertaining to the hire of services, the Workmen’s Compensation Act B.E. 2537/A.D. 1994 and the Establishment of and Procedures for Labour Court Act B.E. 2522/A.D. 1979.











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