Contracts for Non-Legal Managers
6 - 7 August 2015, The Landmark Hotel Bangkok

SCL Partner Chinapat Visuttipat will be the course leader for this training course designed to support both lawyers and non-lawyers involved in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts


The general concept of this intensive and interactive training course is not a legal study; rather, it is practical learning from real experiences and case studies of successful commercial contracts, as well as the failure of commercial contracts. The training course will cover the commercial terms of a contract, commercial contract planning, alternative forms of contracts and the contractual party from a legal perspective, as well as successful techniques in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, and risk management in commercial contracts - including potential litigation in a worst-case scenario. In addition, tax consideration will be practically trained for the audience so that they are aware of the tax risks in commercial contracts.


The objective of this two-day training course is to provide creative and practical ideas to lawyers and non-legal staff in order to achieve creative solutions. The objective of this course is not only a presentation; there will be discussion, as well as a Q&A session, with the veteran lawyer running this course. The discussion is arranged to bring together all the participants to discuss all aspects of the course, to conclude and to wrap-up the training course for the audience.


At the end of this specially-designed two day training course, participants would have gained wide and deep perspectives into commercial contract in terms of practical solutions.


Key Highlights of the Training Course:


  • Learn from the course leader, whom has remarkable skills in commercial contract law & tax;
  • Explore creative and practical training for Non-Legal Managers;
  • Keep abreast of key pitfalls in commercial contracts;
  • Learn from mistakes of lawyers and non-legal staff involved with veteran lawyers in commercial contracts; and
  • Ample opportunities for participating in discussion and real-life case studies and scenarios.







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