Business Contract: Legal and Tax Strategies

23 -24 February 2016: Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel

This session is being organised by OMEGA World Class. It is a tutorial workshop for business practitioners, with the aim of supporting business practitioners, including contract drafters and negotiators; providing the best solutions on contract management. The main concept of this training programme is to analyse and discuss real practices and experiences from precedent cases.


The training course will cover the main business contracts in various industries, including sale of goods contracts, distributorship agreements, OEM contracts, construction contracts, licences and franchise contracts. In addition, the training will focus on legal issues, as well as financial and HR concerns for the participants; with a benefit for both lawyers and non-lawyers.




  • Exploring the key commercial and legal terms in business contracts;
  • Learning how to deal with non-familiar terms and conditions in business contracts;
  • Analysing the main issues of both success stories and mistakes found from the precedent cases;
  • Assessing uncomfortable and difficult areas when drafting and negotiating business contracts; and
  • Intensive training for effective business contract management from both a legal and non-legal point of view.






SCL Law Group