Training, Seminars and Workshops

Our partner, Chinapat Visuttipat, shall be the course leader of several important training courses in the month of May. Said courses are in the following areas:

‘Mega Construction’ Project Strategies

Legal & Financial Issues - DEPLIC Contracts & Subcontracts

17-18 May 2016: Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok

This training programme is set out to support the contractor and subcontractor, including the project owner in the construction project, to help them understand how to deal with the legal issues in the construction project.


The training will cover the key contracts in various construction projects, including design, engineering, procurement, licensing, Installation and construction projects (“DEPLIC”). In addition, the training will not focus on the contract drafting process; rather, it will concentrate on major legal issues and financial concerns for the mega project.


This two day event is organised by OMEGA World Class and it explores key legal issues in construction projects, teaches how to deal with unforeseen legal problems in the construction project, as well as analyses the main issues of success stories and mistakes found from precedent cases.

Corporate Tax Planning

Best Practices for International Companies

24-25 May 2016: Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok

This international advanced course is set out to provide the tax planning ideas and commercial practices for corporate and business operators; for the best practices and corporate good governance. The main concept of this training course is to learn from successful and not so successful stories from the real experiences of precedent cases.


The content will cover corporate income tax, VAT, specific business tax, stamp duty, customs and property tax, including tax planning ideas for good corporate governance.


The key features of this training course are best practice in corporate tax planning for business organisation and tax planning for good corporate governance, as well as sustainable business management by corporate tax planning.


This seminar will particularly benefit international business owners, management teams, CEOs, CFOs, financial controllers, treasurers, finance directors, tax managers, accounting managers, legal directors and managers.

Panama Papers & Offshore Incorporation

International Tax Avoidance, Governance & Reputation

27 May 2016: Holiday Inn Silom

This will be a very interesting seminar which looks at how this very high profile scandal affects the private sector in Thailand. It also looks at the updated and new amendments of the Thai Revenue Code. This seminar, among others, explores various tax crimes related to direct tax and indirect taxes, as well as the use of Tax Haven Companies for International Tax Planning: How far can you go? This seminar further explores Conflicts of Qualifications in Tax Treaties.

Royalties & Licensing

Legal, Tax & Business Strategies, as well as Planning Strategies

30 May 2016: Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok

This event is organised by OMEGA World Class and it is set out to provide the legal and tax practices for intellectual property law, contract and tax management in relation to royalties and licensing transactions. The main concept of this training course is to learn from success and failure stories from real experiences and precedent cases from the Supreme Court. From the case study, the delegates will learn about the potential pitfalls; including common mistakes of business practitioners dealing with marketing expenses, marketing fees and cost allocation, which are deemed as ‘royalties’ for bad tax consequences.


Some of the key points in this seminar relate to best practice in intellectual property management, preventive risk management for licensing and royalties transactions, licensing, IP contracts and efficient planning for tax and legal perspectives, as well as royalties planning for maximising profits to the business owner.





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