Challenges and Opportunities of being an ASEAN Lawyer


07 September 2016

One of our Partners, Mr. Vira Kammee, was a key note speaker at Khon Kaen University, Nongkhai Campus, on the subject of ‘Challenges and Opportunities of being an ASEAN Lawyer’. This presentation was delivered to 1st- 4th year law students of the Faculty of Integrated Social Sciences at the said university, which offers LL.B degree.


The scope of Mr. Kammee’s presentation involved the various issues to inspire young lawyers to adhere of his/her paths to legal profession.  The objectives of the faculty, among others, are that law students should be attuned with and focused on developing their skill sets, and knowledge; to be compatible in their profession of delivering quality services. The presentation not only covered aspects of the legal profession but also ethics and legal reforms.


This was indeed a very stimulating presentation and one which the participants would have gained extensive and important information; especially since said information was presented by someone who has been in the legal practice for more than 35 years. There was a very good attendance and Mr. Kammee’s presentation was well received by all.


We are very proud that Mr. Vira Kammee delivered this very special presentation to the younger generation who may venture into the legal profession in the future.






SCL Law Group