Case Update - 06 July 2016

A major deal involving an aerospace supplier/manufacturer based in the USA and a leading premium built-to-measure warehouse, distribution centre and factory developer, both in Thailand and the South East Asia region, in establishing a company/factory for the manufacturing of aerospace parts in an industrial estate in Thailand.


Important features of this deal include the negotiation of various agreements (e.g. lease agreements, service agreements); contacting various local authorities (e.g. BOI, DBD, RD); handling all corporate documents such as various agreements; incorporation of a company; VAT registration; opening of bank accounts; obtaining the BOI Promotion Certificate; obtaining the  Foreign Business Certificate; setting up the deal to use Thailand’s paperless customs system, as well as the electronic machinery and equipments release (“EMT”); (the eMT system was developed to assist companies in receiving promotion certificate status from the BOI with privileges for the waiver of duties on imported machineries and equipments, under Sections 28 and 29 of the Investment Act B.E. 2520); and obtaining work permits for foreign directors, to name just a few.






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